Guide to content audits

The new Guide to content audits will take you through the entire content audit process, from preparation to presentation.

A content audit allows you to take informed decisions about your content. It is an assessment of the volume, quality and variety of your content. Based on this Cypres distinguishes four types of content audits.


An audit is useful to project managers, information architects, content strategists, marketers and communication managers. It will give them answers to such questions as:

  • Does your content address the needs and interests of your audience?
  • Does your content support the goals and tasks of your audience?
  • Is your content actually used?
  • Is your content well structured?
  • Is your content on-brand?
  • Do you have enough content or too much?
  • Is your content accurate and current?


A content audit can be used to create awareness in your organisation. The findings from a content audit will help you when creating a content strategy and content marketing programme.


Download our Guide to content audits’ for free or view it right here.


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Van | 26.12.2015 at 17:31 pm

Hi Bittermelon,Including of checking on pervious year audit findings during our audit, is it considered as audit follow up? I think it is practical and the pervious year un-rectified issue can be a current issue and this will directly affect the rating of audit reports.  One more question is regarding the resolved audit finding. How do you define and comment on resolved audit finding? Is it due to auditor unable to identify the core problem from the issue raised, therefore it is only based on facts that can be rectified on the spot? Any recommendation to improve the audit finding from easily resolved?Thanks.