5 tips for B2B organisations on Twitter

How do you address a professional audience on Twitter? What do you post and who do you follow? Cypres recently broached the subject with communication manager Jan Steurs and he was kind enough to share his top five tips for tweeting B2B companies.

1. Identify your target group

Consider who you’d like to reach on Twitter. Who are your clients, prospects and partners? Who are the influencers in your sector? Following them improves the odds of being followed yourself. You can track down your target group via the keywords in Twitter profiles. For instance, Twitto is a useful tool to find Belgian Twitter users. Another approach is to identify your key followers, for example through Followerwonk. Find out who their followers are to discover compatible profiles.


2. Perfect your tweets

Analyse when your followers are most active on Twitter. Thanks to tools like Twitonomy this is child’s play. If you can plan your own tweets during those windows, your followers are more likely to notice you in their stream. Also, determine the impact of the hashtags you use and which type(s) of content (e.g. tweets with pictures or links) is/are popular. You can then use this information for your future tweets.


3. Start a dialogue

Have you compiled a database of partners, important (potential) customers and influencers? Then keep track of their activities and start a dialogue. Has one of your partners achieved something remarkable? Then be sure to congratulate them. It looks good when a company compliments another organisation or wishes them luck.


4. Use Twitter properly

Always keep in mind why people are on Twitter, viz. to gather information on certain topics, establish and develop contacts, and to pick up news and trends – both within and outside their sector. Check whether the content you tweet is geared to the Twitter use of your target group. Make sure these needs of ‘collecting news’, ‘discovering’ and ‘connecting’ are met.


5. Create a clear identity

Your Twitter profile and tweets must reflect the DNA of your company. This goes beyond choosing a cover and profile photo in your company’s house style. You should also use your own tone of voice when posting tweets or responding to the tweets of others.


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